Pre-Book yours at a discounted price

The highly popular Easy Lift-Up recliner armchair will once again be available later on in 2020 and to launch this happy return, we at Distinct Homes are offering a Special Discounted Price for those wishing to book it!

From its original price of €795, the Easy Lift-Up is being discounted to just €499! Yes, that’s right – that’s a truly unbeatable offer you simply can’t refuse!

How does it work?

Very simple. Call us on 21551234 or contact us through our Facebook page or email, provide us with your contact details and we will get back to you. All you need to do is pay a deposit of €100 to secure your order. When this consignment is in stock, we will call you to come see the armchair and try it out. Then you can confirm your order and settle the balance and we will bring it to you, free of charge, anywhere in Malta or Gozo.

What if I would then like to cancel my order? Is this possible?

Yes it is. We offer a full refund on the €100 deposit should you have second thoughts.

Tell me more about this product.

The Easy Lift-Up is an ideal gift for anyone needing an extra help to sit up or down.

Made in real leather for the seating area, this awesome armchair lifts the person sitting on it to basically, an almost standing position. All at the touch of a button.



It’s a double electric motor armchair which simply needs to be plugged into a nearby socket and it’s good to go.

It measures approximately 84cm (width) x 93cm (depth) x 104cm (height) and will be available, directly from stock, in a warm chocolate brown or a lovely beige pebble colour, with matching sofas available too!

What are you waiting for? Call us on 21551234 or drop by and book your Easy Lift-Up today. Your legs and back, or those of the persons you love, will thank you for it!

*The Offer is valid for a limited time period. Until end of July 2020 or until stocks from the new consignment last.