New Kitchens Soon!

New Kitchens will soon be on display as we are right now working very hard to install a number of new models.

Previous collection Kitchen display models are now sitting happily in new homes and finally doing what they are meant to do after we sold, at below cost price, some really great models.

The Kitchen is indeed the heart of the home! In it, we prepare what to eat, what to give our families and friends when we want to more than simply satisfy hunger. It is probably here that we bring together those most dear to us and it is indeed here that we prepare, and probably slowly sip, that warm cup of tea to share with a friend. She is always there for our most special moments!

And because of that, much thought and creativity goes into planning one – to tick off our wants or want-nots, to be functional and practical, to address our needs, to make the best out of the space available and to look incredibly good for many years ahead.

Our Lorton and Marko are these days opening boxes, studying designs, planning complex and laborious details, laying out new Kitchens and finishing off others so that soon, very soon, we will be able to offer more.

New Kitchen models are exclusive imports to Distinct Homes, some of which from a completely new line.

All our Kitchens are 100% designed AND Made in Italy, made of modular units to fit any size, come with several features and all available in different finishes, heart-warming colours and an array of add-on features.

We can’t wait to specifically design more Kitchens for our client-base – we have very good value-for-money reliable Kitchens ideal for rental properties up to fantastic state-of-the-art high-end labours of love.

No two kitchens we designed and installed were ever the same … and THAT is saying something!

While our boys are busy giving some sense of order and style to two of our floors (apologies for the inconvenience!), we are still busy with our fabulous JANUARY SALES on practically everything! So do come along, close an eye on our Works in Progress and benefit from our great offers!

Photos by Martin Agius