EASY Lift-Up Recliner Armchair in Real Leather

Exclusively imported to Malta by Distinct Homes Ltd, the EASY Lift-Up Recliner Armchair is an ideal gift for persons who need that little extra help to get up from their armchair.

Connected to electric power via a normal plug, the EASY Lift-Up Recliner Armchair moves at just a touch of a button from a static armchair to a recliner armchair, returning to its original position before literally getting the person sitting on it to stand up on their feet.

Its remote control allows the user to stop the Armchair at any position they like. The EASY Lift-Up Recliner Armchair includes two electric motors.

Made in Real Leather, this fantastic armchair is available from stock in one of two colours, Dark Brown or Taupe:

Its indicative measurements are: 84cm (width) x 104cm (height) x 93cm (depth when closed).

It is also being currently discounted from its original price of €795 to €675.

What are you waiting for? Make the best out of the current limited stock and special discount, now! The Easy Lift-Up Recliner Armchair is available for viewing at both our Attard and Gozo showrooms.

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