NEW Garden, Car and Home cleaning appliances

Are you looking for the right appliances to clean your car, garden or home?
Distinct Homes is now selling the perfect range of accessories to make your task easier and more efficient.

Check out the Xhose range! Avoid tugging and struggling with your garden hose; replace your heavy hose that tangles and kinks with the XHose. Turn on the water and the hose automatically expands up to 3 times its length!

Turn off the water and as the water drains, the hose contracts back to its original size. It’s so compact you could store it in a bucket or plant pot!

Preventing messy storage, the XHose contracts to an incredibly small size that stores neatly away. It’s lightweight, compact and expandable with a kink-free design.

The XHose is super-strong, ultra durable and ultra-lightweight expanding to 3 different sizes, 25 feet, 50 feet or 75 feet.



Further to this exciting range comes the XHose Hook to keep your incredible expanding XHose neat and tidy with this XHose Holder.


The range wouldn’t be complete without the XHose Water Jet which connects to any standard garden hose or your XHose. Simply screw the Water Jet onto the garden hose and it is ready to use.

The XHose Water Jet provides extra water power, perfect for cleaning your home, car, garden and high reach windows. It has an exclusive system that allows you to control the flow of water. Simply change the spray, stream or fan spray, by unwinding and screwing on the desired nozzle, to open the flow, adjust the lever to the ON position while to close the flow, adjust the lever to the OFF position.

What’s included:

1 x XHose Water Jet
1 x Stream Nozzle
1 x Fan Spray Nozzle



Check out more details on these fantastic products on our website here in our small appliances section.